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Please look through these frequently asked questions:

If you cannot findd a resolution to your problem from the list below, please contact us with details of your problem.

General Questions:

♦ What happens if I get a message saying "you do not have Javascript enabled"? Please use the contact form to get in touch with details of the sets you wish to purchase. ♦ Why does the website say a set has 24 dezigns, but only shows 18 pictures? When you purchase the set, it will contain 24 dezigns. The pictures are provided as examples of the set and may not be comprehensive.. ♦ The page says the set has 3 Freebies, but I only see one picture (and one download link). How do I get all the freebies? When you download the file via the link provided, the zip file will include all 3 freebies. ♦ The contact form looks weird, and I cant tell which field is which! This is likely to happen if you are using an old browser (e.g. Internet Explorer v6). You can still use the fields to send a message, the fields are as follows: 1: Your Name, 2: Your Email Address, 3: The Subject of the Message, 4: The Message

Purchasing Questions:

♦ Why do I not see all available formats when selecting 5x7 as the hoop size? The actual formats available differ for each set and each hoop size. When purchasing the options provided are all the available formats for that set/size combination. ♦ I clicked "Add to Cart", but my cart is still empty! This may be due to a slow internet connection. When clicking "Add to Cart", do not navigate away from the page for a few minutes, the cart should now show your choice. ♦ I added the same set twice, but it only shows once in the cart. How can I order more than one copy of each set? In the View Cart page, change the "Quantity" value and click "Recalculate".